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Concrit/Contact/Important Links

How am I doing with Kazuha? Too violent? Too nice? Not enough of that Osaka spirit? Feel free to let me know here! Anon is enabled, so go for it if you'd prefer that route. You can also hit me up here if you want to discuss anything.

Otherwise, have some links.

- Application
- Permissions
- In-Game Relationships (constantly updated)


Am I doing this.


Give me a prompt and I'll write you a drabble.

The catch is--it has to be for one of my characters or my characters and yours or someone else's you ship them with, whatever. It can be ANYTHING, AU, TYL, first meetings, angst, nice things, etc, as long as it's related to island interactions somehow.

Characters are Emiri, Amu, Kazuha, Alice, Ayame, Chisame, and Judith!

Feel free to request as many as you'd like, I have no idea what work will be like tomorrow--


Jun. 2nd, 2010

... Just something that's been in my head + I am gay, but we all knew that.

What is titling things.Collapse )


General Interaction

[ Feel like threading with Kazuha for whatever reason? Hit her up here, and let the good times roll! ]


[ continued from here! In which Kazuha decides holding hands is a lot less embarrassing than being carried. ]

... This works, right?


And the gayness continues

Part 3 out of 4 of this ridiculous AU thing I've really got to stop this. Kind-of spoilers for 5Ds, and cameos from DC people aha aha aha--

No, really.Collapse )



I would put this on island_drabble or something, but I don't want to drown it in my gay, so.

I took a leaf out of Owl's book and did the other four 1sentence sets for the characters/pairings below! Read them if you want, or don't, but dear god never doing that again within a two-day period.

1. Set Alpha - Crow/Kazuha
2. Set Beta - Amu
3. Set Gamma - Minato/Emiri
4. Set Epsilon - Judith

And now I can die.


[ down by the docks, Kazuha is peering into the distance ]

I wonder which one we're going to... it feels almost like we're walking blind here.


Crow Essay

... Hahahaha let's see how long this gets.

CrowCollapse )

HAHAHA I called it. Emiri and Minato, if I end up doing this for them, may be the only one that ends up longer FML.